Performance Management Program

Yvette Hampton


The spring 2, 2015

Lisa Creager


TO: Mrs. Traci Goldman, Administrator at Atwood and Allen Consulting BY: Mrs. Yvette Hampton

PARTICULAR DATE: April 2, 2015

SUBJECT MATTER: Performance Management Plan

Hello Traci,

I have evaluated your chat with Mister. Bradley Stonefield, and will begin putting together some recommendations depending on the business approach that was presented a week ago to increase function performance. Additionally , I will look into the conjunction of functionality management structure to the organizational business technique, the job evaluation process to spot the skills needed, the methods employed for measuring the employees skills, plus the approach intended for delivering an efficient performance review. I know that Mr. Bradley Stonefield will probably be at a -$50, 1000 within the 1st year of business as well as 25 recently hired personnel. Furthermore, it is critical to have a plan in place to maximize the company's overall performance and to include less than the 10% turnover rate that Mr. Stonefield predicts.

Conjunction of the Functionality Management Construction to the Organizational Business Strategy

Landslide Taxi lexington ky will need to have an alignment between your company, staff, and the client. When the company, employees, and customer happen to be aligned a feeling of efficiency and effectiveness will show, as well as maximize within economic measures. To do this measure, just about every entity will have to be in one agreement to understand the goal of the company.

Landslides goal to be successful is to offer extreme customer care to a broad variety of areas from the Austin, TEXAS area and extended areas. Customer service is essential to making an optimistic impact on do it again customers and word of mouth reputation as well as offering solutions to the increasing of adjacent areas outside of Austin, TEXAS. Freifeld (2013), " The four components in our framework—strategy, people, techniques, and buyers must be aligned and realigned to achieve powerful (The Position Framework). Without the four factors, the goals could be complicated to not only the employees nevertheless the customers as well. Organizational Overall performance Philosophy

The philosophy is actually a set benefit or more to give the company exclusive qualities that influence the complete individualities of the business. The Landslide Limousine's organization performance philosophy is always to provide a wider range of services to a wide range of cities and towns encircling Austin, TX. In addition , Landslide Limousine will give you the best customer service accommodations within the Austin, TEXAS region, that may allow the firm to increase and develop into the company that Mr. Stonefield expects. Additionally , Mr. Stonefield not only will assume the philosophy of the business to be carried out but to let rewards to get excellent employee performance to get aligning in the companies aim to provide sufficient services.

The task analysis process you will complete to identify the skill sets needed by employees The limousine drivers is the targeted job evaluation to identify the relevant skills and attributes needed for Landslide Limousine. Landslide Limousine should higher about 15 limo drivers, that will range in the pay of $26, 000 to $32, 000 per experience and skill skills. The driver must have a high university or GED, driver's license, clean driving record. In austin tx, TX the state requires the limo new driver to obtain a conducteur permit or perhaps commercial driver license to be able to comply with statutory requirements. The driver will likely need to lift at least 100lbs, and be physically fit to prevent injuries. The driver will need to have exceptional customer service expertise. The driver will have to be responsible and accountable for keeping the vehicles clean and restocked prior to end of shift. The driving force will also be liable to maintain the upkeep and repair scheduling of their vehicle (Suttle, 2015). The driver will need to be proficient of the...


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