After i was seven years old, my uncle came to visit my family back Nigeria from your United States, and he had this kind of strange system with long antenna on his hand and all abruptly it started out ringing just like a bell and he constrained a button, kept it up to his ear and started talking. I had been astonished and curious, because as a child I wanted to know what was, the actual noise involved, and how come he had that to his ear and was conversing with himself. Mainly because I was annoying him whilst he was discussing on the phone this individual immediately positioned it to my hearing and his partner far away in america started talking to me in Nigeria.

My own uncle afterwards told me the strange unit is called " Cellular phone”, that he can call his wife whenever, and from anywhere in the world. From that moment upon I became fascinated with cellular phones, and I have always been interested in learning more about the people lurking behind the invention of cell phones. I had formed always thought that cellular phones are not for everybody, that they are designed for the abundant and effective until few years back in Nigeria when the Nigerian Communications Commission introduced a global System intended for Mobile (GSM) network. The application of cell-phones jumped; everyone which includes my grandmother acquired a cell phone. Searching back to what life accustomed to be ahead of the cell phone development few years in the past, it gives me a clear understanding of the positive effects cell phones got on the society. I remember the moment my father utilized to travel home every week by Lagos to find out my grandmother in the town; because there was not a other method he can communicate with her. However , cellphone innovation has turned it easy for my father to get in touch with my own grandmother in the village frequently. The way people used to communicate and do business has changed tremendously; the life of the common people has also been touched in different ways. That cuts throughout every part of life, this is why I feel thrilled to talk about the...


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