1 ) Overview of selected company/product as well as its domestic online strategy (in the region in which it can be currently based).

Victoria's Secret is an American retailer of women's have on, lingerie and beauty products.[2] Is it doesn't largest portion of publicly-traded Limited Brands with product sales of more than US$5 billion and a great operating salary of captal up to $1 billion in 2006.[2] Victoria's Secret is well known for its annual fashion present, the Victoria's Secret Vogue Show, and then for its catalogs, both of which in turn feature top rated fashion designs.

2 . Specific Environmental Evaluation of key foreign country-market(s) being deemed for expansion. This would incorporate Cultural, Political, Economic, Legal and Technical aspects of the surroundings (all areas of the macro and micro environment which might be relevant to the particular company/product and country-market getting looked at have to be covered).

• Environmental Analysis has to be supported by country-specific research, and sources has to be cited helping key views on the nation.

• Crucial similarities and differences between your particular international market as well as the home market must also be identified and mentioned

3. Competitive Analysis

four. SWOT evaluation – industry’s own abilities and failings in the context of the environmental analysis and market review.

5. Evaluation of companies Objectives (both short and long-term) pertaining to the specific products and country-markets being considered (in the light of the environmental analysis) and tips.

6. Analysis of the country-market opportunity becoming considered, and possible market-entry strategies appropriate to the marketplace, including recommendations on most suitable market-entry strategies in the context in the preceding research (Note: In case of where the firm has already decided on a country-market to enter in, you would evaluate and analyze the company decision, and provide the view on whether you acknowledge...


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