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Result 1 . 1-1. 4 Prepare learning surroundings

School security is one of the the majority of emotive concerns facing head teachers, university staff, parents and college governors. No person wants to visit a repeat of headline hitting crimes including the massacre for Sandy Hook Elementary school in New Community, Connecticut, Or people being stabbed inside or outside schools. Secureness problems can easily arise in most kinds of conditions. For example: Outsiders coming into colleges

Violent activities by pupils, parents or staff




Children and young people need a good environment to learn. The environment needs to be clean, warm, quiet, safe and friendly. Each one of these factors produce it simpler for them to learn as they are not as likely to acquire distracted and hurt. The learning environment have to be kept spending tidy to avoid hazards developing and to end accidents happening. Most secureness measures may be low cost and mainly common sense. School entrance should be held closed and locked all the time during the college day. Having one entrance to the institution also means their more secure besides making monitoring of strangers much easier for personnel. All visitor's including father and mother bringing in forgotten lunches should use the key reception door and been seen with a receptionist. They need to not walk around the school unattended and if professors see people walking around with no visitor badges on they have to question these people. Playgrounds should only be attainable from inside the institution and not simply by external site visitors. Parking areas are meant to always be separated by play areas. Schools want security to shield our children from harm and danger and possess procedures set up to stop accidents happening, for example: CCTV

Playground is surrounded by a wall structure or a fencing.

Once the college day has started all entrances outside are kept closed and locked. Teachers watch over children in playgrounds.

At the beginning of the day the teacher and teaching associate sound use...


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