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Sustainability and Engineering Career


Web page Formation of Kai Tak

Final Group(2) Report

27th April 2015

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1 . Introduction3

2 . Economic growth5

3. Cultural well-being7

your five. Engineering alternatives for sustainability12

5. you Air quality12

5. two Noise Impact16

5. three or more Water18

a few. 4 Waste18

6. Conclusion22

1 . Introduction

Our task title can be Site Formation of Kai Tak. KaI Tak is actually a large Hk urban advancement plan after Hong Kong International Airport moved via Kowloon Town (Kai Tidak Airport) to Chek Lap Kok in July 1998. It is an aged airport web page

Intended for the job, we would concentrate in the durability development. The project can be indicated the existing problem and proposed the useful and efficient technique and direction of advancement in even more.

The sustainability research would be focused in economy, social and environmental. This task would be recommended feasible anatomist solution consist of Air Quality, Noise Impact, Development Phase Normal water Quality Effects, Landscape and Visual Affects and Waste.

Because of the part of the Kai Tidak Development is too large, the investigation scope of project will be narrowed in specified region. The feasibility of proposal could be better.

Job background:

Kai Tak was located on the west side of Kowloon These types of in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The location is between rugged mountain range.

The Kai Ngakl Airport was your international airport of Hong Kong until 6 July 1998, that has been replaced by new Hong Kong International Airport by Chek Panel Kok. After closure, the airport internet site has been busy by different temporarily uses such as general public fill banking companies, bus depots, car revenue exhibitions, and recreational reasons. Besides, almost all of the original buildings and set ups within the former airport site have been removed and the earth contamination recognized at the north apron had been decontaminated.

Internet site location:

The Project is located in the south-eastern element of Kowloon Peninsula, comprising the apron and runway aspects of the former Kai Tak Airport and existing waterfront areas at To Kwa Wan, Ma Tau Kok, Kowloon Bay, Kwun Tong and Cha Kwo Ling. This covers a land part of about It protects the area about 15, 000 rectangular meters.

2 . Economic development

Decrease density non commercial development with commercial places will provide the catalyst intended for urban renewal and enhance higher thickness development in surrounding areas. By increasing public use of the entire lake shore, both monetary and cultural value will probably be enhanced.

The new terminal facilities will become an essential tourism system for Hk. It would support diversify our tourism products, enhancing each of our attractiveness to tourists by different market segments, such as the high-end marketplace. The government jobs that the Kai Tak Sail Terminal will certainly generate 74% financial rewards to HASTKRAFTER and the total value-added contribution to the economic system would be HK$860 million to HK$1. 09 billion. 4 Also with the multiplier result, which is installment payments on your 5 to three in Hong Kong, if tourists spend HK$100 million dollars, this would add HK$300 , 000, 000 to Hong Kong's Low Domestic Item. 4 When it comes to employment, the government plans to produce tourism- related facilities such as hotels, shopping malls, conference services, etc . near by the sail terminal to increase competition. your five This will create 6, 900 to 10, 900 task opportunities by 2020. five Not only does the port bring benefits to Hong Kong, with close partnership between the Travel Commission and regions including Shanghai, Singapore and Thailand, cruise trip itineraries in 2013 may include interesting attractions of Hk and close by ports. 6 Some officials were...


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