TKAM notes Part 17-26

(pg 166-237)

* Mr. Tate describes the event of Maya staying raped and just how he was the first one called By Mr. Ewell * He speaks regarding the craters on her proper eye and the rest of her body system * Atticus asked how come they failed to first call up a doctor to attend Maya although no response came and he kept making sure that it was her right eye that was broken * Scout describes how a Ewells's happen to be one of the most wretched people in the county and just how dirty and filthy they may be and how the only cool thing was some crimson geraniums that have been tended by Maya. 2. It is now Mr. Ewell ‘s turn to testify and he responded the questions in a un classy manner and claimed that he saw through the window what got happened and that he didn't pursue tom requiring he was concerned with Mayella in that case he traveled to get Mr. Tate * Atticus started asking inquiries and Mister. Ewell will not cooperate till atticus reassured him 2. Atticus began asking if he may read and write and ewell was confused as well as the obligated to sign a paper showing that this individual could right and we learned he was still left handed 5. And that only a left handed person could have carried out that to Maya, making Jem happy that this proof might prove Tom Blameless but search is still skeptical " Would you not believe the nature of her injuries called for immediate medical attention? ” * (CD) Character Development- Mister. Ewell has evolved into an unfavorable persona that nobody would like and he has evolved as the main antagonist through this story 2. After Mister. Ewell Mayella is called for the stands

* She looks frightened of Atticus questions and admits to Mr. Ewell consuming habits 2. Explains the storyplot from her view on how she asked him inside to cut a chiffarobe 2. Mayella denies everything Atticus states

* When Atticus asks if perhaps she has recently been beaten by simply her daddy and if he could be good with her, she begins to respond then stops " he was other than when... ” * Atticus asks if perhaps tom performed jobs on her and...


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