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The value of certified certification

Survey Report

Released May 2012

In 2010/11, the I ALLA FALL carried out a global survey for capturing market reviews on the worth of documentation. The survey aimed to gain intelligence within the drivers intended for seeking certification, the selection criteria when choosing a body to provide certification providers, the appropriateness of the process, and the confident outcomes of certification.

Regarding IAF

The International Certification Forum (IAF) is the global association of Accreditation Bodies, Certification Human body Associations and other organisations associated with conformity examination activities in several fields which includes management systems, products, services and workers. The main goals of I ALLA FALL are:




to produce appropriate harmonisation of conformity assessment greatest practice. to keep and produce a Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) between their Accreditation Body Members to assure recognition of accredited recognition between signatories. to act as a global online community to bring with each other accreditation physiques and stakeholder groups to facilitate global trade. to market accredited conformity assessment simply by working with, and influencing, key international organisations and industry groups.


In order to inform policy, IAF aims to talk to widely with both stakeholders and users of accredited providers in order to provide the best standard of conformity evaluation to provide businesses throughout the supply chain using a value added final result. To support this aim, a global survey premiered to collect and analyse feedback from users of recognition to ascertain the drivers pertaining to seeking qualification, the importance of accreditation and the IAF MLA in the range of certification supplier, and to identify the magnitude of interior or exterior value.


A short paid survey consisting of 20 or so questions was selected as the most effective tool. Databuild, persistent market research firm, were commissioned to check the study format and questions. The survey, that was translated into 22 'languages', was promoted in every economy by the accreditation and certification community, stakeholder organizations and organization intermediaries. Reactions to the concerns were not required, and so the cited percentages are based on the businesses that provided a response. The study ran pertaining to 12 months and closed in August 2011.

About Databuild

Databuild specialises in research for government and the auto industry sector to aid clients be familiar with needs and priorities of their target followers, to develop programs and to evaluate the impact of their work. They provide both qualitative and quantitative research to provide clients with insight and understanding.


The value of accredited certification – Survey Statement 2012

Desk of contents 1 . Regarding the Respondents

A total of 4, 191 respondents finished the review from 41 different financial systems. The majority of respondents (60%) have got a responsibility for controlling quality inside their organisation, however there was a big response from senior managers, purchasers, fund managers and marketing staff. 86% of the people who took part inside the survey verified that they keep the responsibility intended for certification related activities. New driver for looking for certification

Top quality Other Management Finance Advertising Human Resources Purchasing Operations Production Other Organization Functions Manufacturing

60% 15% 6% 4% 3% 3% 3% 3% 1% 1% 1%

Respondent responsibility for certification activities






multitude of


zero Yes Simply no

The value of approved certification – Survey Record 2012

a few

1 . Regarding the Participants continued

71% of respondents working in organisations employing lower than 249 people. Size of business

1-10 employees 11-49 workers 50-249 staff 250-499 employees 500-999 staff 1000-3000 personnel 3000 and over employees...


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