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The Address by Marga Minco

In The Addresses by Marga Minco, the writer suggests that people do not realize what they take for granted until they do not ask them to anymore. In the excerpt, the narrator is a house using her belongings, and the girl of the woman who required all these assets has no idea what is going on. In the past, the narrator's mother had given most her life possessions to a strange lady, who usually took almost everything away with a look of greed. The narrator has come to the house with all the current possessions, and it instantly hits her that all her memories are just through the doorway. When she enters, the girl sees all of her assets, " within a room that i both knew and did not know”. This place simple collection describes how she feels, just how though all her recollections are within the room, they are certainly not place in the proper spot, like the chronological placement was off, and everything her recollections are mixed up. " I came across myself amongst things I had formed wanted to see again but which oppressed me inside the strange surroundings” describes her confusion, because though almost everything looked regular, (similar for the way your woman acts as if perhaps nothing is happening) it's the inside story of every object that may be scaring her; how they have her remembrances imprinted in it, and yet, they are not really there anymore, because this is usually not her house, and she would not own any one of this any longer. " I scarcely dared to shop around me anymore” symbolizes her fright of looking at every thing she experienced and shed, and now they do not belong to her, though this wounderful woman has a slight longing for them so as to have a sense of normality. " Someplace on the border there should be a burn gap in which acquired never been repaired” this line, when ever read tightly, depicts the opening as a type of ledge, wherever her mind is adhering onto, so she may find some familiar feeling in all of the this strangeness. It also describes a large bottomless pit, where she really wants to throw all the bad feelings and remembrances away, put them profound into this kind of hole....


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