The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Alicia Rodgers

HSA 505 – Health Services Planning and Marketing

Doctor Gwendolyn Francavillo

October twenty three, 2011


There have many attempts to reconstruct each of our nation's healthcare system. The sufferer Protection and Affordable Care Act, better known as Medical care Reform, is known as a federal regulation that was passed on 03 23, 2010. This law was approved in order to guarantee amounts and insurance policy to all Us citizens; reduce costs of coverage; and increase quality of care (Stoleberg & Pear, 2010). This paper will figure out how health care change will have an effect on market and nonmarket driven decisions. Through this topic I will describe how I will put into action a strategic plan that includes healthcare reform set up new rules will take impact or certainly not. The five environmental causes that are affected by the law will probably be discussed as well as a new target audience.

Determine how this kind of Federal rules will influence market-driven and non-market motivated decisions.

To be considered as industry driven, this means that anything that is done inside the company is usually " driven” by the requirements of concentrate on markets. In other words it is defined as being handled by what and exactly how much persons want to buy. This kind of law will certainly affect market-driven decisions within a critical method. Prices will be driven by simply consumer require which will be a significant effort with regards to reducing increasing costs. Individuals are now staying given the opportunity and right to make the decisions about selection of coverage, visibility, and companies rendered. Given that the system continues to be market- powered, the nation will still be successful.

The Federal rules will have an effect on non-marketing decisions as well. This will happen simply because there will be a sort of " war” between the medical facilities and the government, as a result leaving the consumers out when making decisions based on their own health care. Relating to Berkowitz (2011), 60 that when producing these decisions, input features...

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