-republic: a type of government when the leader is definitely not a california king and specific citizens have the right to vote -patrician: a social category of rich powerful landowners, they created the ruling class in the Roman republic -plebeian: a social category made up of minimal landowners, crafts people, merchants, and small maqui berry farmers -consul: a chief executive officer in the Roman Republic

-praetor: an official of the Roman Republic in charge of enforcing city law -triumvirate: a authorities by 3 people with equivalent power

-dictator: an absolute leader

-imperator: commander in chief

-paterfamilias: the prominent male brain of household which included wives or girlfriends, sons, and slaves -insulae: Roman flat blocks constructed of concrete with wooden-beam floors

-AUGUSTUS' REFORMS/CHANGES IN ROME AND THROUGHOUT THE DISPOSITION: -maintained a standing military of twenty-eight legions

-stabilized the frontiers of the Roman Empire

-a new system for regulating provinces: senators chose the governors for the provinces, yet Augustus may overrule their particular decisions and establish unanimity in real policy -EMPEROR CARACALLA'S ACTIVITIES: gave Both roman citizenship to each free person in the empire -PAX ROMANA: a period of peace and prosperity developed by the emperors Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antonius Pius, and Marcus Aurelius lasted intended for 200 years

They treated the ruling class with respect, finished arbitrary executions, maintained peace in the disposition, and reinforced domestic guidelines Created fresh social applications

The emperors powers continuing to broaden

-THE FIRST TRIUMVIRATE: In 60 BC Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus produced the initial triumvirate -triumvirate: a government with simply by three people who have equal electric power -their commands Pompey-Spain Crassus-Syria Caesar-Gaul modern-day France -53 BC Crassus killed departing Caesar and Pompey

-during his time in Gual, Caesar had obtained both acceptance and armed forces experience -fearing Caesars popularity, senators decided that guideline by Pompey alone can be least harmful to their...


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