Two scenes stand out to my way of thinking from my own visit to Brazil's Wetland: Jungles burning ahead of seed seeding and trees as hedgerows. Before the early spring, I could start to see the leafless remnants of burnt off trees even now standing. The burning of pristine woodlands destroys the habitats and countless varieties which be based upon and flourish in these refuge. The handful of remaining bare, scarred woods silently convey the cost to our natural assets of chasing our economic interests. A lot of forests will be preserved by government edict issued in response to international pressure. Yet most of this kind of preservation happens alongside key roads В— not to safeguard the environment, but to prevent disturbance to ranches and farms along the highways. The battle between monetary and environmental concerns which i witnessed in Brazil fascinates me and attracts myself to the Environmental Studies Plan.

Two courses within my geography division increased my interest in the text between the environment and economics: Conservation of Underdeveloped Countries and Environmental Impact Research. In the previous, we examined the problems of natural reference management in developing countries. The balance is actually tilted toward economics expansion at the expense of environmental preservation. For instance , because the Pantanal Wetland may become a remarkably productive agricultural system once it's drained, it is exhausted regardless of the destruction that drainage causes towards the ecosystem. Simply portions from the wetland happen to be preserved pertaining to tourist reasons.

The other course that piqued my curiosity is an interdisciplinary course named Environmental Impact Analysis in which we, as a group, created matrix and movement diagrams discussing the economical and environmental impact of logging and preservation of old progress forests. I was able to work with tools that I acquired in my economics and environmental research classes. In general, logging creates economic rewards at the community level. This increases career in the timber...


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