1- Julius Caesar lives in Rome, Italy. Some of his most well-known battles were in Alesia, Pharsalus, Zela, and Munda. (biography. com) 2- Brutus spent most of his mature life in Rome, Italy. (livius. org) 3- Caesar was born in 100 BCE and died 44 BCE. He may have got lived much longer if he lived in modern times. (biography. com) 4- Brutus was born eighty-five BCE and died 40 BCE. He too may possibly have cherished longer in the event he lived in modern times. (biography. com) 5- Some ethnic differences will be that many persons in Rome valued open public service above almost anything and lots of people also depended on the task of slaves. In a republic the people guideline and help to make decisions through series of polls. The people wanted Caesar to rule mainly because Rome was experiencing a large number of problems they will believed he could resolve and because having been kind to the middle class. Brutus did not want Caesar to become ongoing dictator generally because he desired the title to get himself. To get the republic to have a california king, it would actually mean that it could no longer be a republic, using a king means sovereignty and power not anymore lies together with the people, it lies while using king. Inside our culture this case would be managed a lot in different ways considering were a democracy and do not want a king, master, or best ruler. 6- Caesars history is certainly one of betrayal since Brutus murdered Caesar when Caesar reliable Brutus. (bbc. co. uk) 7- Finally Brutus and also other liberators conspired to destroy Caesar and did exactly that. This happened because many people did not want The italian capital to show up back into monarchical rule and did not just like Caesars growing popularity. (biography. com)


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