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There are 1000s of movies in the United States. Many people have several beloved movies through their life time. Some people possess favorites via each decade. Though many movies have grabbed my personal attention, my personal favorite is the eighties movie The Breakfast Club. I love the primary characters, the astonishing storyline, plus the original closing. I have observed this movie many times and it never gets old to me.

The key reason why I love this kind of movie is that I can associate many of the characters to people I understand or have met throughout my entire life. I relate myself to Alisson Reynolds, who comes off while strange and reserved. She is insecure and alone, yet she would like to be observed. John Bender (the bad boy of the group) has a hard shell although he is gentle at heart. David reminds me of many gentlemen I actually enountered in high school. The favorite girl, Claire Standish, and my best friend are so similar it can be scary. They can be insecure and feel neglected by their parents, but are envied by outsiders for their looks and economic stability.

Since the movie starts off, the storyline catches my attention and glues me for the screen. At first, five students with absolutely nothing in common encounter spending a Saturday in detention collectively in their high school graduation library. Detention starts out sort of rocky at first. The students see each other as different and make judgements based on social statuses. As the movie progresses, the students learn to open up to one another. Allison is known as a compulsive divagar and desires attention because she feels invisable. Brian and Claire will be ashamed of their virginity. Andrew even tells his classmates the real explanation he is in detention. After, it is also discovered that each person inside the group has a strained romance with at least certainly one of their father and mother. I think which the storyline demonstrates that Andrew is right, " All of us are pretty strange. Some of us are only better at hiding it, that's almost all. ”-Andrew (The Jock), The Breakfast Club.

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