Dustin Mulkey

Professor Chris Gates

Principles of Speech

18 January 2015

Chapter Assessment: Chapter Ten: " Compose it Proper, Say that Right”

Prior to covering proper word employ, Dowis provides a short explanation of what he mentioned in Phase Seven, that was about making language operate. Then this individual talks about certain words that are commonly abused. Under every word arranged, he quickly describes the best and incorrect usages.

I think that this phase is especially useful, so , I do believe I will most likely come back to that when I include questions as to what word to use where. One of my pet peeves is definitely when people say " I could care less, ” in which they unknowingly mean they treatment a bit, therefore i enjoy this book adjusts that common mistake.

In the center of the part, Dowis takes a page and talks about words and phrases that both have Latin or Greek roots. He points out that sometimes it is hard to determine how to use singular/plural variations of these terms because it won't translate the best. He advises us to use data pertaining to both singular and plural regardless of the circumstance, even though the term actually would be datum in the plural. He then also protects the words alumni, alumnus, alumnae, and alumna, which I believed was interesting because I usually just claim alumni in every circumstance.

I always got misplaced on how to employ whom as opposed to who, thus I'm happy that Dowis covered this kind of topic as well. He ends the section explaining the importance of employing words correctly in writing a speech, especially if you are producing it for someone else. He shows that we use a certain book if we have questions and after that gives us other recommendations as well. Dowis ends this kind of chapter to speak about podium presence. This individual talks particularly about keeping good fixing their gaze with the audience rather than keeping your sight glued in your notes, anything I have a problem with.


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