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Assignment a couple of: Costs and Profit


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Task Questions

In Section 2, you learned all about costs and profit. Right now, you'll apply what you discovered.

1 . Choose a genuine or made example of a company, and describe at least three varying costs the corporation has. (1-3 sentences. 1 ) 5 points) The company i select is a washing service phone calls Yvette's scrubbies. Three varying costs the corporation has would be, the cost of washing supplies, money to pay employees, and last labor is a adjustable cost.

2 . Choose a real or made up example of a company, and describe in least 3 fixed costs the company offers. (1-3 phrases. 1 . 5 points) For this company i'm also likely to choose yvette's scrubbies. Three fixed costs they have will be the utilities intended for the main store to be available, the rent, and gear such as the automobile to get to the places you'll certainly be cleaning.

three or more. Is gross profit or net profit more important to consider if you are deciding just how successful and profitable a business is? So why? Explain. (1-3 sentences. 2 . 0 points) net earnings is more crucial to consider once deciding how successful a business is. That is the amount of money is made after taxes are paid/taken out.

4. If you were operating a company, illustrate at least two things you will do to enhance its production. (1-4 sentences. 2 . zero points) Easily were running a company, 2 things i would do to improve efficiency is, inspiring...


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