The Swamp Dwellers centers the have difficulties between the old and the innovative ways of existence in Africa. It also offers us an image of the cohesion that existed between the person and the southern part of Nigerian culture. The conflict between tradition and modern quality is also shown in the perform. The play mirrors the socio-cultural design, the pang and the sufferings of the swamp dwellers and underlines the need for absorbing fresh ideas. The struggle among human beings and unfavourable makes of nature is also captured in the play. Soyinka presents us the style of modern Africa where the wind of modify started forced.

The Swamp Dwellers is actually a close analyze of the design of your life in the isolated hamlets with the African countryside as well as an existential examine of the basic folk who have face rigours of existence without any wish or succour. Soyinka holes apart cultural injustice, hypocrisy and cruelty. The Swamp Dwellers expresses the necessity for the balance between your old and the new. Soyinka is designed for excessive glorification of the earlier. In the play we see Soyinka's crusade against authoritarianism, complacency and home delusion. Besides, in The Swamp Dwellers Soyinka satirises the betrayal of vocation pertaining to the appeal and power in one type or another.

The Swamp Dwellers reflects living of the people of the southern part of Nigeria. Their vocation mainly is agro based. They will weave containers, till and cultivate property. They believe in serpent conspiracy. They perform death rituals. They offer grain, bull, goat to mollify, pacify, placate the snake of the swamp. Traders by city come there for crocodile skin. They attract young females with money. Alu resist their temptations. Young men go to the cities for making money, to drink bottled beer. In fact metropolis ruins all of them. The Swamp Dwellers ultimate their wedding party at the foundation where the streams meet. They will consider the river bed itself since the ideal bridal understructure. Sudden ton ruin the crops tossing life away of gear.

The swamp dwellers are hospitable. They give cane brew...


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