New Product: Sugar-free chocolates

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The Company

S Date of creation: 1986 S Director: Philippe Jambon S Maker and vendor of delicious chocolate S France company S i9000 Number of outlets: 284 retailers in Italy and 34 abroad T Franchisee organization


Macroenvironmentalanalysis and Industry analysis

S Macro environmental analysis

T The cost-effective and cultural parts will be significant through this

business environment. The more individuals have money to pay, the more they will spend for expensive brands. People are ready to invest in quality for its image and the value it gives S Industry analysis

S Bargaining benefits of customers: Clients are really

important to develop each of our market and in addition they have a major power of negotiating because of the volume of competitors within our market. three or more

Competitors and Positionning

H Competitors

S Indirect: People from france chocolatiers and companies that pinpoint the upper

category and people who want to buy chocolate to get Christmas, Easter.... 35 and 45 euros per kilo.

S Immediate: Belgian chocolatiers and chainsthatsellchocolatebetween S Future: Small maker who can develop and gro. S Placing (Attachements)


Marketing Offer ( Product)

S The merchandise: Chocolates

T Brand: Shaun De Bruges S Quality of service: Very good quality.

S Physical characteristics: The chocolates may have different form.

S Charges

S Refund: For dedicated consumers S Method of repayment: cash, credit-based card and cheque. S Cost of the product: Basic and Better product. 5

Marketing Promotion / Service advertising elements/ Swotanalysis S Marketing Promotion T Choice of the distribution route: Direct stations

S Advertising communication: Huge campaign

T Service promoting elements

S i9000 People: Not any service after sale.

S Location and accessibility: Stores and the hq

S Swot analysis S i9000 Jeff de Bruge is a company which has a very good photo and

a lot of opportunities together with the new appearing market. On the other hand his market depend in the international appointments and there is the 6 emerging of discounter on the market.

Industry Segmentation

Item: High quality, Graceful Packaging

S i9000

Consequences: Wide range of customers targeted18-80


years old

Method incomes clients & Substantial incomes consumers Shops on the street next towards the biggest chocolate makers (Customers ++) Malls (Shopping Arcade) + Mass-Market retailing for a couple of number of items. Wide range of items to maximize its offer (Price range: between 2 and 44€)

With regards to AIO (Activity, Interest, Opinions)


Consumers who also often venture out, go to restaurant, who like food (& chocolate) Consumers with refined likes concerning cooking.


Buyers who give (& receive) gifts like chocolate or flowers the moment they're invited.


Attainable Marketing Aims – Nextyear

Marketing strategy

S i9000

Product development strategy

S S i9000

Next year Shaun de Bruges will designed a new item of sugar-free chocolate in hopes of its existing customers Healthy and balanced lifestyle as a global craze supports this product idea

Wanted market segmentation


Next year Jeff sobre Bruges will target primarily the same customer segment, nevertheless also make an effort to attract clients The customers who have are aware of healthier products and people who do not consume chocolate as a result of sugar.


Desired marketing-mix


The coming year Jeff sobre Bruges will emphasize to promoting the new product by campaigns and advertisements almost 8

Achievable Marketing Objectives – Nextyear

Marketing objectives because of the SWOT


The great reputation of the business gives very good changes intended for launching a new product Be familiar with the global tendencies, competitors and market changes

Keep the high-quality of products and services

Position (perceptual gaps)


Next year Shaun de Bruges will spotlight the different healthy product they must offer which gives a new confident aspect for the entire...


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