1 . one particular For the next situation, reveal whether the record application is primarily detailed or inferential.

" The manager of Ann's Fabric Shop offers collected data for ten years on the range of each type of dress fabric that has been bought at the store. She actually is interested in producing a demonstration that will demonstrate these data effectively. ”

Suggested Response:

This software is mainly descriptive in nature. The owner wishes to formulate a display. He will probably use charts, graphs, dining tables and numerical measures to spell out his info.

1 . two Consider the next graph that appeared in a company

annual report. What kind of graph is is this? Make clear

This is evidently a pub chart. A bar graph displays ideals associated with categories. In this case the categories will be the departments at the food store. The values are the total month to month sales (in dollars) in each department.

Note: A histogram does not have gaps and the horizontal axis represents the possible beliefs for a statistical variable.

1 . 18

Make clear the difference between a closed end question and an

open-end question.

Closed end questions need the respondent to select from a short list of defined choices.

Open-end questions enable respondents the liberty to respond

with any value, words, or perhaps statements that belongs to them choosing.

Note: Demographic queries are concerns relating to

respondent's characteristics, backgrounds, and characteristics. Example: Male or female, Marital Position etc

1 . 32. Describe the difference among a inhabitants and a sample. A inhabitants is a pair of all things of interests or the

measurements obtained from every objects or individuals of


An example is simply a subset of the inhabitants.

1 . forty-nine For each with the following, show whether the data are mix sectional or perhaps time series.

a. Quarterly unemployment rates

b. Unemployment rates by simply state

c. Monthly product sales

d. Employment satisfaction data for a firm

a. Time-series

b. Cross-sectional



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