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(Previous) Meters. A. Assessment, May/June 2011

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BRITISH (Course – II)

William shakespeare

Time: a few Hours

Greatest extent. Marks: 85

Note: 1) Answer five questions selecting not less than two from every single Section.

2) All questions carry equal markings.

3) Do not omit virtually any Section.


1 . Consider Shakespeare’s sonnets as an exploration in the theme of love and companionship.

2 . a) Comment on the role from the supernatural in Macbeth.


b) Clarify the view that Macbeth was caught between the ‘irrational plus the rational’.

3. a) Look at Hamlet as a study of the theme of indecision.


b) Write a critical note on the significance of soliloquies in Hamlet. some. a) Strive a comparison study of Richard and Bolingbroke in Richard 2. OR

b) “Richard’s errors are not confident vices, nevertheless spring entirely from problem of persona. ” Elucidate.

5. a) Comment on the role from the mob in Julius Caesar.


b) Critically discuss the burial speeches in Julius Caesar. P. Big t. O.




6. a) Write a crucial note on the significance of the court picture in The Service provider of Venice.


b) “The Merchant of Venice is about judgement, redemption and mercy. This begins with usury and corrupt appreciate; it ends with harmony and excellent love. ” Substantiate.

7. a) Reveal the significance with the forest of Arden in As You Like It. OR

b) Discuss the smoothness of Rosalind in Because you Like It.

eight. a) What view of man and nature really does emerge from your study of The Tempest? OR PERHAPS

b) Comment critically on the earth-air or Caliban-Ariel opposite in The Tempest. 9. a) What is the problem in Assess for Assess and how would it be solved? OR PERHAPS

b) Discuss the title of the play, Evaluate for Measure.

10. a) What in respect to Bradley, are the distinctive features of Shakespearean Tragedy?


b) What is the effect of Wilson Knight on Shakespeare Critique in recent times?





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