п»їChapter 1: Dreaming Big by George

1 . Georges dream was becoming a dentist.

2 . George spent the first eight years of his life in apartment 5G of the Stella artois lager Wright Enclosure Projects with his mother and older brother. His favorite place was the recreation space. 3. George's mother was your dominant figure in his existence.

4. George describes his mother as being a proud, decided, and stable woman. a few. Georges stepfather was good and a quiet guy. He at some point left. 6th. George said the best father figure he had was his friend's daddy, Shahid Knutson. I think that impacted his life in a great way and really helped him become who he is today. six. George said he was blessed with people who have told him positive items. His third grade teacher told him he may go to college and have a fantastic career at some point if he stayed out of problems. 8. Not any, George had not been picked on if you are different. I do believe that is because he was doing this individual right issue, he was most likely a role model. Chapter a couple of: Home simply by Sam

1 ) Sam often remembered requesting questions.

installment payments on your His mother could not browse. No, she did not graduate student high school. 3. Sam's daddy fueled aircraft.

4. Sam's mom retained his frizzy hair in the bible after his first minimize. She would this to hold him secure and protected. 5. Sam's mom woke up by 4am to pick up the rubbish left over the walkways. In that case she hidden the roadways all the way to the church. It had been contributing to the community because the girl was keeping it spending sanitary. 6th. Sam described his household as stuffed with his jumps music plus it felt like a gunpowder keg getting ready to set off and horrifying. 7. Mike was 14 when his parents divorced. It set a burden on him to make him worry. He had to do all of the issues his mom couldn't. 8. Sam had five littermates.

9. Kenny became a drunk, belligerent, and suggest person. Roselene had a mental illness. And Fellease was a drug has to be. 10. Mike injured his leg the main one day this individual hung out with Andre.

11. Crack was the drug many people sold or became...


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