Some consider him among the best wingers in the present nrl, yet somehow why is it aggravating watching one of the best play therefore poorly. media papers possess visited this topic ahead of " it is time for the beast to go” and I am right here to revisit this matter and expose why its about time for him to go. the error charge of manu vatavei is why the beast a dangerous person, the decisions he makes defensively, the risky takes on he makes. i say it is time to permit a new up and coming nrl person take the beast shirt and move the beast off the team to the managers team. Manu vatavei is a great gamer, one of the only warriors to pass the 100th try motorola milestone phone. 2005 newbie of the year hes a inspiration for the warrior group. This six. 4 feet height game league natural born player isn't named the beast for no reason. we acknowledge the way in which manu vataei used to perform the game, he was a young and vibrant player that would discourage the resistance by his massive masculare phasic. give him the ball and he would charge more than players just like a bulldozer. require were the wonderful days if the beasts performed wonderfully. Fastforward 5 years to the present wonderful mistakes will be what hes known for, groups purposely attack his area because he is a weak sied of the crew. High balls, long projectiles, a normal catch worrys the crowed the moment approached to manu, hes nrl most droped ball player. Its basics and yet he still has problems in this field. commentators comment on the same topic. Weshould end up being having shivers down our spine due to what magic they will generate, not because were fearful of


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