-From 1775 unti 1763 was your American Battle of Self-reliance. 1780 was an violent uprising called " The Gordon Riots” working in london; they were a great anti-Catholic violent uprising against the Papists Act of 1778. -Then followed the French Revolution. 1789 was the fall season of Bastille and 1793 was the Performance of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. France declared war against Britain. 1804 Napoleon was crowned emperor. -Industrial Trend: James Watt perfected the steam engine and 1776 the 1st engines were in use in commercial companies. By 1824 over one thousand engines had been produced. - Slavery became also a wonderful issue. David Newton, a slave treder from Liverpool said: " of the English ships buy 60000 slaves annually, after the whole level of the coast; the total annual loss of loss of lives may not be much less than fifteen 1000. ” 1807. was the cessation of the servant trade in Britain. -In the later on half of the eighteenth century, vast tracts of land across England were transformed from common area into private property. For yourself owned fields were divided by natural stone walls and hedges. Thousands of rural everyone was forces to abandon their very own homes, migrating to Greater london or America. -English Countryside

The poetry of Feeling

-James Thomson(1700-1748). He came 1725 via Scotland to London. 1726 he released " Winter”, a descriptive poem in blank verse. 1730. was " The Seasons” released. It is a beautifully constructed wording of all-natural description. By 1730 right up until 1800 it was printed 60 times.: Thomson amazed his contemporaries with his capacity to discover well. -Nature was also popular in the visual art and music. (Picture). Antonio Vivaldi was for example influenced by nature. We can see it in his " 4 Season” (1725). He was inspired by the country of Mantua, a beautiful scenery. -Thomas Grey (1716-1771) was an English poet person. He rarely left Cambridge. Summers inside the Lake Area or Scotland (picture). His masterpiece is the " Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”: dusk, a plowman goes slowly house, he is fatigued. The day is nearly over and the environment is still. The stillness is very important. It is a summer time evening and everything is all about to fall asleep. Gray produces an ambiance without saying much. The plowman goes the graveyard and he sees yew trees. The poet targets the confidential people hidden in the graveyard. The composition is about the way of life that may be disappearing by England. This kind of poem features characteristics of romantic poetry. -Oliver Goldsmith (1730-1774) was an Anglo-Irish writer, poet person, and doctor. The „Deserted Village" is definitely one of his famous poetry. It is a pastoral poem in memory of his brother. It is a a reaction to the lately passed Inclosure Acts which in turn forced a mass emigration of poor farming families from the countryside to the cities. -George Crabbe(1754-1832) is also a language poet. His most famous function is " The Village”. He demythologizes in his poems. It is of a plowman which goes to a pub, gets drunk, goes house and surpasses his partner and kids. They may be not a completely happy familiy. Crabbe wanted to show the real life. Every one of the myths regarding the " golden age” are not authentic and genuine because there is necessary, no amounts, no insurance and all the individuals are hard-working. They have a unpleasant life. Crabbe is a great antidote for all those mythologizing contempories. -The features of the poetry of sensibility are: interest in nature, emotions, ambiance, the stylish (something that appeals and terrifies at the same time)

William Blake (1757-1827)

His simply formal education was in fine art, the Hoheitsvoll Academy of Arts. „Poetical Sketches" is his initial book of poems, which he had crafted at the age of dua puluh enam years. A Visionary Poet and Designer

A Revolutionary:

- „America: A Phropecy"

-- „The The french language Revolution"

Innovation as the purifying assault, the imminent redemption of humanity. Long Poems: The Four Zoas, Wedding ceremony of Heaven and Terrible.

They show a complex irony about the inadequacy of conventional meaningful categories. The favorable life...


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