Each of our university will need to have good dexterity for some firms that acknowledge On-The-Job Teaching inside their organization. The school should offer more financial constraints and period given to the OJT manager and should designate not only one OJT manager to have the ideal monitoring of the training from the students are taking especially to people students whom chose to carry out their trained in far locations like Baguio City, Manila and others. В For me, the business is a good teaching ground. В Because this government company created a good service to their clientele and gave training for the scholars like me. They will treated me as their many other worker. Although unfortunately it really is far from our university. Intended for the company, they must have an THAT Department or computer experts to assist them about their challenges regarding their computers. For the future OJT students, they must have a good business that would provide them with a good schooling ground and would enhance their knowledge and capabilities. They have to look for a organization or establishment where they will apply their particular learned expertise from the college or university and they need to know the background and the functions of the company they are going to. They need to know all their nature of job in order that they will have a thought on what exactly they are going to do when they will be beginning their schooling. When they are in training, they must focus and concentrate in their assigned activity. They must stick to the rules and regulations of the company. Only always be punctually. And in case of challenges, be peaceful and do not worry. Listen to the supervisor and know the position. Don't be timid to ask your supervisor or perhaps your superiors if there are something that an individual understand. It is best to ask them than having any blunders while doing all of your assigned process. Learn to acknowledge the fact that you also commit mistakes. Learn to get along with your co-workers and also to your managers. Always remember your reason why you are in this company, to master.


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