" Is definitely deciding precisely what is RIGHT and doing it”

ETHICS is usually equated with:

* Good Governance: It will require us to make the decision what is good. * Open public Service Values: Requires all of us to give quality service to the population. * Requirements, Rules, Honnete - ETHICS is the " science of human duty”.


Good Governance is characterized with:

2. Accountability

* Transparency

2. Participation

* Non-Discrimination

* Responsiveness

* Poverty Reduction

(According to UNDP because cited by simply Cariño)

5. Participation

5. Rule of Law

* Transparency

2. Responsiveness

5. Consensus Positioning

* Value

* Efficiency and Performance

* Answerability

Ethical Facets





RULES because an Moral Basis

- We believe in them while coming by simply divine revelation.

- With authority or perhaps of our community.

The practical principle concentrates our focus on results or the outcomes of our activities. It has been portrayed traditionally since " Seeking the Greatest Great for the Greatest Number”

RELATIONSHIPS because an Honest Basis

Confucius' " Gold Rule” of caring: " Do not perform to others what you will not have all of them do to you”. Christ Christ's expression of LOVE: " In anything, do to others as you would have them do to you”.

TRADITION since an Ethical Basis

Traditional Ethics – the ethics of before generations that is certainly based on traditions. It is directly to act in some way mainly because that is what has always been completed.

RULES since an Moral Basis

* Section 1, Document XI, 1987 Constitution – Public Workplace is a General public Trust. Open public Officials and employees must at all times serve the people with utmost responsibility, integrity, commitment and effectiveness, act with patriotism and justice, and lead moderate lives. ” * Section 28, Article II, 1987 Constitution – The State shall maintain honesty and honesty in the community service and take positive and powerful measures against graft and corruption.

RA 3019

" Anti-Graft and Corrupt Methods Act”

(Anti-Graft Law)

Passed in 1861

Graft is defined as

" the purchase of gain or advantage by dishonest, unjust or seedy ? sleazy means, specifically through the use of one's position or perhaps influence in politics, business, etc . ” (People or Bernales, September 3, 1968)

Graft and corruption is an work or omission involving infringement of the guidelines of decency, honesty and efficiency, for the purpose of obtaining undue advantage with the expense in the government-owned assets. In our legal system, graft and corruption is basically a crime. BALDRIAS, Napoleon S. " The Legal Implications of Graft and Corruption”

Corruption can be " an act done with an intent to give several advantage inconsistent with recognized duty and the rights of others. It includes bribery, but it is more comprehensive, since an act may be corruptly done throughout the advantage to become delivered from it always be not made available from another. ” (Magallanes versus Provincial Panel, 66 To. G. 7839)

Corruption may be the perversion or perhaps destruction of integrity of fidelity in discharging community duties and responsibilities simply by bribery or favor. This entails the application of public electrical power for personal advantage in ways which transgresses some formal rule of law. (Tendero)

RA 6713

" Code of Conduct and Ethical Criteria for Community Officials and Employees” fixed into regulation by

then Leader Corazon C. Aquino

on February 20, 1989

RA 6713

Rule X. Grounds For Administrative Disciplinary Action

Directly or indirectly having economic and material interest in any kind of transaction demanding the approval of his business office. Owning, managing, managing or perhaps accepting job as police officer, employee, consultant, counsel, broker, agent, trustee, or nominee in any exclusive enterprise regulated, supervised or licensed by simply his business office, unless specifically allowed by law.

Participating in the private practice of his occupation unless authorized by the...


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