OSHA Lawsuit

The U. S. Division of Labor filed a lawsuit in the U. T. District Court for the District of Montana against a Helena-based company called Kbec Inc. in January 2013. Kbec Inc. is actually a Dairy Queen franchisee that, " illegally terminated a staff for making issues regarding place of work violence on the company's facility. ” (Todd & Rodriguez, 2013). In this article, there are not any details offered on the thing that was the nature of the complaints recorded by the staff originally, yet , searching the world wide web for other related articles, I came across one of a reason for which automobile may have been terminated, " OSHA says the employee was fired following complaining about a potentially dangerous situation of actually finding the building unsecured when the girl arrived, by itself, to open your local store. The employee also registered a safety and health complaint with OSHA, which triggered an OSHA inspection that identified two unrelated infractions. ” (Two Whistleblower…, in. d., p. xx-xx).

For me, the employer, Kbec Inc. could have done a lot to address the case as soon as that learned in the complaint. First of all, securing the doors of the business should have been of outmost priority, not only to insure the safety of the employees, but to safeguard the equipment, products on hand and other items which may been left in the store overnight. Introducing an investigation to learn why the door was not secured, should not have been a major concern as it was. Making sure the employee's was read and safety measures put in place should be a first priority to every company, these safe guards could not have been completely costly in any way either, generally there should not have been completely any justification.

Second of all, the employer should have reassure automobile once the safe guards were implement, that a situation such as this would be addressed every time she helped bring it up, to make her feel secure within the performance of her duties. Also, in the event the employee experienced any suggestions as to how to better shield her wellbeing when the girl enter the...

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