CSS 119

Film Review #2

" Los Mineros”

1 . Go over some of the labor and living condition a significant this film

In the film, Mexican miners were living under bad situation. That they had been cured inhumanly. Their very own living conditions were incredibly unhygienic, there was no clean running water or perhaps appropriate place to dispose garbage. Because of the unfair treatment between Anglo miners and Philippine miners, most miners and their families had been suffering from malnourishment. Moreover, Philippine miners` working conditions had been inconceivable. We were holding working for 12 hours a day, averagely. Due to " Duel -- wage system”, Mexican miner`s pay rate was deducted by 50 % of what an Anglo miner would be paid.

2 . What events damaged the miners (Mexican Innovation, WWI, Depressive disorder, WWII)

Mexican Revolution was obviously a changing stage for the miners. A few labor companies began collecting labor causes long before the revolution looked, such as the Obreros Libres (Free Workers), leaded by Praxedis Guerrero. The Obreros Libres was a key labor union in southeastern Arizona (P. 106). After the revolution, to be able to protect the rights of Mexican labors, Mexican government passed the constitution of 1917. In the mean time, WW We offered one more chance for the Mexican labors. Because of most American labors were struggling the war, the whole nation was encountering a output impairment. It provided a lot of employment opportunities for Mexicans, such as in mining and agriculture industrial sectors. They became an important work force in the U. S.

3. What were the relationships just like between the Anglo miners and Mexican miners? Mexican miners and the organization (job, segregation, )?

Previously, Anglo communities had a lot of serious ethnic discriminations upon Mexicans. Out-do Mexican miners` living conditions, Anglo miners had been living in " pleasant surroundings”. They received twice as very much money because Mexicans. However , as Anglo miners, they did not have to work for 12 hours a day and...


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