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The primary findings I came across for Head Products is that they are a very high quality convince Foodstuff Company having a 31. 3% market share, which in turn produces a range of different freezing foods. I actually conducted a T. Um. W. H and P. E. T. T. At the analysis and found a few things out regarding leader products * They may have multiple hazards not only using their own market such as finances brands like Pams, although also type other market segments. Products just like microwave meals and ready-made meals. 5. Their Manufacturer is not very recognisable towards the New Zealand public because of a lack of advertisement. * They may have great opportunities to expand international or issues contract work together with different businesses and organisations. * There is a highly regarded range of products which are constructed with quality elements and are nutritionally better than other competitors.

I select to identify the chance to conduct more contract operate and focus on fast food firms in which they will could supply, an example becoming Burger Gasoline. They previously supply subway with the pig ribblet so my advice were to broaden their operations to additional fast food shops would increase market share along with brand identification for their frosty convince meals range inside the super market segments and butchers.

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Situational Research

Problems and Opportunities Affirmation

Marketing Strategy

A conclusion and Recommendations




This is the promoting report pertaining to Leader Items New Zealand. Based in Auckland Leader Goods Is a company that happen to be manufactures of quality convenience foods just like burgers, schnitzels, medleys, nuggets, crumbed lasagne and BBQ GRILL pork riblets. Founded in 1998 Leader Products have produced these diverse products to offer in to the majority of leading Fresh Zealand grocery stores and butchers such as, Foreign Butcher, Countdown, Foodtown, Refreshing Choice, Upset Butcher, New World, Pak And Save, Supervalue and Woolworths. With a professional manufacturing staff of 80 staff, right now there state of the art making equipment make sure that they stay ahead of the industry and generally there competitors, always looking at producing new and innovating products. Leader Items produce more advanced frozen comfort food depending on taste and ingredients than other competitors but are also a lot more expensive because of quality of ingredients professing a thirty-one. 3% business for the gourmet iced convince market. Situational Analysis:

Competitor Analysis

Frozen ease food companies have a lot of competitors, which is especially true for Innovator Products. Industry competitors possess a lot more brand recognition because of heavy marketing through different media sources. These are brands such as; Pams, Tegal Chicken breast and Inghams Chicken. Leader Products are certainly more in the gourmet convince food market also contending against Heinz Wattie with their weight watchers foods and Semblant Farm. The two of these companies' generate very high quality and nutritional goods very similar to that of Leader Products, and work down the same line of applying fresh top quality ingredients inside their products. Innovator Products likewise have an ever increasing range of products becoming produced by their particular competitors inside the frozen convenience food market. There is also pressure becoming created from other convenience food markets such as microwave dinners, instant noodles and soups. The products do not directly affect the market reveal for Head products because they are a completely different type of comfort food, but Leader Products still have to compete against these products for nutrition and ease and which they are to prepare and cook.

T. U. W. T Analysis

Threats: Leader Items is in a progressively growing frozen comfort food market making it very a competitive industry for recognized and developing firms. Greater, more established businesses have the benefit of offering special offers and lowering their prices because they need more volume level...

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