Literature Review Assignment

The principal purpose of this kind of assignment is to help you realize that the literature review can be an integral part of any research project and just how it lies the research for the investigation you can do. Citing from Hart (1998, p 13), Sekaran and Bougie (2013) determine a materials review while,

…the selection of available papers (both printed and unpublished) on the subject, which contain information, ideas, info and data written coming from a particular standpoint to fulfill certain aims or perhaps express specific views on the size of the topic and how it is to become investigated, and the effective analysis of these files in relation to the investigation being recommended. (p. 49) They go onto say,

A literature assessment is a step-by-step process which involves the identity of published and unpublished work from secondary info sources around the topic interesting, the evaluation of this operate relation to the challenge, and the documents of the operate. (Sekaran & Bougie, 2013, p. 50)

In Component 1, you completed an annotated bibliography on a topic that you picked. That task required you to find at least 10 sources of various types, create a short brief summary of the details found in every single source, and write an assessment of the source's credibility, dependability, currency, conceivable bias, and usefulness regarding your matter. This assignment builds on your annotated bibliography assignment. Intended for the topic you chose for your Module one particular Annotated Bibliography Assignment, complete the following.

• Go through the annotated bibliography again.

• Based on details presented within your annotated bibliography sources (and others in the event needed), establish a problem assertion that, within your opinion, would be useful for you to investigate. • Organize your sources by sorting and classifying their studies in a meaningful way, usually considering your original matter and difficulty statement.

• Write a books review that could seem to supply the greatest...


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