M1- Assess the biomedical and socio-medical model of health Initially it is apparent that Jason's condition is definitely rightly thus being remedied through the bio-medical approach mainly because it focuses on physically healing him which is essential for to allow any foreseeable future social help at all. As much as the biomedical model of treatment is related to Jason's chronological overall health condition/status series It has been powerful in treating his physical corporeal injuries as once the surgical treatments had occurred/taken place it was proven that his broken bones had been improving and gradually recovery as well as the as the biomedical perspective upon ideal and favourable health as in accordance to class notes " an absence of a great illness” which uses scientific measures to focuses on the elimination with the initial, certain and rule negative wellness occurrence rather than looking at the condition holistically and what effects both the health decline on its own and the quality of proper care could have on an individual's mental and harmonious state of mind, social welfare and overall well-being l However by doing this they can be effectively dealing with him since an inanimate object with out choice/lack of options provided/available that needs to be fixed and whilst doing this are usually neglecting his socio-medical needs/factors as these happen to be equally as crucial particularly in the future and to help rehabilitate him and invert his apparent depression/pessimistic prospect which is due to his deficiency of access to his family and the specific situation of the overall health environment/hospital he could be a resident at since it is limiting his socialising especially with people he could be not familiar with by way of example lack of family/friends/acquaintances. Another aspect that they unnecessarily promoted/encouraged interpersonal exclusion/ lack of socio-medical model of care for both Jason wonderful wife/family on the other hand specifically Jerrika to experience social exclusion was by advising Jason's wife from not directly going to him and in turn to wait and escorted...

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