Prefixation Prefixation is the formation of words by using adding a prefix for the stem. In English it can be characteristic pertaining to forming verbs. Prefixes are usually more independent than suffixes. Prefixes can be grouped according to the character of words and phrases in which they may be used: prefixes used in notional words and prefixes utilized in functional words. Prefixes used in notional words and phrases are proper prefixes that happen to be bound morphemes, e. g. un- (unhappy). Prefixes found in functional words are semi-bound morphemes since they are met in the language as words, elizabeth. g. over- (overhead) ( cf within the table ). The main function of prefixes in British is to replace the lexical meaning of the same component to speech. However the recent research showed that about twenty-five prefixes in Modern English language form one part of conversation from an additional (bebutton, interfamily, postcollege etc). Prefixes could be classified based on numerous principles:

1 . Semantic classification: a) prefixes of negative that means, such as: in- (invaluable), non- (nonformals), un- (unfree) and many others, b) prefixes denoting repeating or change actions, just like: de- (decolonize), re- (revegetation), dis- (disconnect), c) prefixes denoting period, space, level relations, such as: inter- (interplanetary), hyper- (hypertension), ex- (ex-student), pre- (pre-election), over- (overdrugging) etc .

2 . Origin of prefixes: a) native (Germanic), just like: un-, over-, under- and so forth b) Romanic, such as: in-, de-, ex-, re- etc . c) Ancient greek, such as: sym-, hyper- etc .

Whenever we analyze this sort of words because: adverb, go along with where we are able to find the fundamental of the word (verb, company) we may handle ad-, ac- as prefixes though we were holding never used as prefixes to form new words in English and were borrowed from Romanic languages together with words. In such instances we can treat them while derived terms. But some experts treat them as simple terms. Another group of words using a disputable structure are such as: have, retain, detain and get pregnant, receive,...


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