5E Lesson Plan:

Using the Star Map


The night sky has such a beautiful display of stars; it seems such a shame never to be able to determine them. Applying our legend map, we are able to see how the sky changes by hour to hour and night to night. With this we all learn the labels of the patterns of celebrities, which all of us call multitude. Using the map, you will be able to recognize these groupe in the sky.

Why teach this:

By instructing the use of the map, you are enabling pupils to become familiar with the night atmosphere, observe the adjustments, and better understand the human relationships between Globe and the celebrities. Wit the application of star maps, students will get planets, comets, and galaxies.


♦ Current Legend Map

♦ Create a poster of the night time sky, the previous night, demonstrating the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, and the North Star. Pertaining to the analysis section, choose three additional constellations which have been close to the intervalle (i. e. Orion, Taurus, and Cassiopeia. ) -- The paper prints are to be installed around the space, with the Big Dipper towards the north, the southern constellations to the western world, eastern towards the east, and western to the west.


Inquire the students: The actual see if they look in the sky. Do you see styles or habits? Tell them about how in the old times, persons used the skies to navigate and called the shapes they saw while flying for tales and fables of gods, lovers, and animals.


Using the superstar maps, have students track down the Big Dipper and the North Star.


Is it possible to guess how come it is called the North Star? (The North Legend is the northern most level, and is located directly within the North Rod. ) Ask them if they are facing the North Star, wherever is Southern region? (Behind you. ) East? (To the proper. )

West? (To the left. )

The map discovers the constellations in the sky. Constellations at the center from the circle are high in the sky, close to the ZENITH (part of the heavens directly overhead)....


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