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Technology Review Technology can be used in many ways and for many things. Computers within a classroom can be utilised in the classroom placing to start off the mornings. Personal computers are used across the world and carry lots of info for many corporations and smaller businesses as well. Because of the vast demand of technology in our world today, additionally it is important for all of us as instructors to have our students looking forward to this demand. Using technology in our classrooms is a great technique of giving the students the motivation that they need to be comfy with the use of technology. I will have to as the teacher genuinely use my time properly with my own students, allowing them to practice employing technology in the classroom to review distinct subjects they may be having a hard time with and use this time to show them how technology may help them to better their learning as well. Three out of 5 of these programs I would most surely incorporate during my classroom teachings of technology to help enhance their knowledge of technology as well, will be DOGO reports, ETL learning and Leapster. Five Educational Technologies:

DOGO News (

ETL Learning (

Jump Pad (

Funbrain (

4Teachers (


DOGO news

* Performance in the classroom- great way to incorporate current occasions into the classroom daily lessons plan, also giving the students time on the pc as a group. 2. Ease of use- has many articles where the learners can learn many issues of interest; they are even able to create their very own avatar that may look like these people when they register. * Cost- $0-

* Reliability- provided that there is net in the building there should be not any problems, also the demand of computers as well plays one factor. * Availability- teacher should...


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