п»їChapter 11

Learning and Honnetete in the Content Areas

Experienced knowledge

Material knowledge

Good knowledge about content of a particular discipline Pedagogical content expertise

Knowledge about how to effectively reach a particular self-discipline Teaching efficiency


Steve Stahl Desired goals:

1 . Instantly recognize terms

2 . Understand text

three or more. Motivated to read

4. Gratitude of browsing

Rich Mayer

Aimed at the intellectual processes a child needs to move through in order to browse a branded word. 1 ) Being aware of sound units in words

2 . Solving words

three or more. Accessing phrase meaning; visualize and envision

Developmental Type of Reading

Stage 0. Birth to First grade

Requirements for browsing

Stage 1 ) First & Second grade

Children begin to read

Translation of albhabets

Learning of letters and sounds

Level 2 . Second & Third grade

Finding out how to read

Stage 3. 4th to 8 grade

Examine to learn

Stage 4. High school graduation years

Qualified reader

Methods to Reading

Phonics Approach – Sound

Whole-language – Natural language learning

A. Cognitive Way

Decoding and Comprehending words

Metacognition – Associated with reading or in other words that good viewers develop control over their own examining skills and understand how browsing works; analysis of one's own meaning Metacognitive Strategies

1 ) Overview text message before reading

2 . Make an effort to determine meaning of phrases

3. Monitor text knowledge

4. Appreciate relationship between parts of text message

5. Identify when you might need to go back and reread a passage six. Adjust tempo of examining

Prior know-how

Teaching functions

Transactional Approach Instruction Way

Developed by Jordan Pressly

A cognitive approach to reading that emphasizes instructions in tactics.

B. Interpersonal Constructivist Approach

Students likewise perform in most tasks

Reciprocal Teaching

-Teachers explain tactics then inquire students to show the...


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