AGES BIG business growth task and business opportunity in India market.

By: Mohammad Syed Basri

AEON Malaysia

Program: EMBA Retailing Assignment: International Retailing

Lecturer: Doctor Vincent Kong

Submitted twenty sixth October 2013

Table of contents

Page1– Table of content

2- Acknowledgement & Abstract

3-4 Introduction

5- History -Japan

6- Century Big purchase of Carrefour Malaysia 7- Carrefour in Malaysia prior to Ages Big obtain 8- Ages Big Eye-sight & Quest in Malaysia

9-11 Aeon Big Hypermarket strategy after acquisition 12-13 Century Big SWOT outline against direct opponents 14- Years on end Big goal to explore India retail market 15- India retail market grows

16- Major merchant in India which will be Years on end Big rivals in future 17- Should Years on end Big enter into India market?

18- Protegers Five Makes

19- Conclusion & Referrals



The acknowledgements given to Dr . Vincent Kong as he is a one, who have given wide range of guidance, tutor and advise on the topic " International Promoting. Also not really forgotten all the classmate support and direction towards this kind of assignment. Subjective

The job is to put together an examination of the AGES BIG target audience after the purchase of CARREFOUR. Basically the analysis shows that AEON BIG acquisition can be on track foundation on the repositioning and strategy plan for the long leaped of the retail business in Malaysia. The retail format of Hypermarket is the best structure to be target by Japanese which their very own element is to have the finest retail enhance merchandise range and assortments. Also need severe focus on marketing and promotion planning such ELDP base for the SWOT evaluation conducted. Your research and obtaining of the articles are in the text publication, website and journal while references as above. The theory used foundation on marketplace feedback and news daily news advertisements. Very importantly the research on Protegers Five Pushes which has support the theory of AEON BIG has big potential to expand to international market just like India shortly. Findings is likewise about India market that proven the retail market in India are blossoming and increasing whereby most of the world big players just like Wal-Mart, Metissage and Sainsbury has considered the opportunity to step in to India Hypermarket industries. For the future AGES BIG provides implication on more competition as the Indian inhabitants greater annually and with the good government support on worldwide players AGES BIG must be very strong in their marketing and promo strategy and also to focus on exclusive brands.



Company Name: AEON CO., LTD.

Institution: September 1926

Capital Stock: ¥199, 054 million

Hq: 1-5-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku,

Chiba-shi, Chiba 261-8515, Japan


Explanation of Business: Pure possessing company Operates chain stores and shopping centers and deals with the business activities of connected overseas businesses through the title of inventory and collateral in all those companies. Years on end is a company group which in turn consists of Aeon Co., Limited., a natural holding firm, as its primary, and around 180 countrywide and foreign Group subsidiaries. Through these kinds of 12 businesses and distributed function corporations, Aeon aims to improve their competitive position and enhance the corporate benefit of the group as a whole. Aeon business as comply with, 1 . Standard Merchandise Retail outlet (GMS) Organization

Offering a stunning shopping environment to meet diversified customer needs with operations based during Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, GMS operations are at the key of Aeon shopping centers. GMS offers apparel, food, and household items to meet our customers' demands through product sales floors with...

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