How does a family are a system in promoting health

Households are a natural social structure. The generally accepted definition of family is " a group of several people related by blood, marriage, or perhaps adoption” (Medalie & Cole-Kelly, 2002, s. 1277). This kind of definition is definitely inclusive of the countless different set ups of family members to allow for big, small , sole parent, dual parent, gay and lesbian, heterosexual, adoptive, and biological. The family plays an integral part in the well being of its members, which often leads to the stretching of the family product beyond this definition to incorporate extended family. The relatives unit is far more than a number of units. Traditions and principles play a large role in just how families behave and manage issues related to health care. " Health actions, values, and attitudes are learned inside the family” (Freidman, Bowden, & Jones, the year 2003, p. 13).

A basic function in the family unit is wellness promotion and prevention. Health is defined as a situation of physical and emotional well-being (Ross, Mirowsky, & Goldsteen, 1990). Families include a romantic relationship among the members that is multilayered and depending on their shared history and awareness of the world. This relationship works together to mitigate stressors that impact the unit. " The interrelationships found in a family system are incredibly intricately linked together that the change in any one part without doubt results in modifications in our entire system” (Freidman, Bowden, & Jones, 2003, l. 7). Healthy families systems adapt to the changing stressors of the individual units to mitigate the affects of the stress factor on the program. This might be observed through elimination tactics such as vaccination in order to avoid disease or healthy lifestyle choices to encourage health.

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