Air flow traffic is usually increasingly resulting in more noise, pollution and airport development. One reason behind this is the progress in cheap passenger travel arrangements, often to holiday destinations. Some individuals say that governments should try to reduce air visitors by challenging it more heavily. Do you agree or perhaps disagree?

I actually totally argue with the thoughts and opinions that air traffic must be reduced by taxing it more greatly. Firstly, the reduction of air traffic would decrease the demand due to increased prices. A number of people will have to choose one more means of travel while visiting their holiday destinations, one example is cars. Therefore, more and more vehicles would appear around the roads and motorways. Although airplanes will be more polluting than cars, the growth of car-polluters would create a great various problems: the rise of automobile accidents, traffic jellies, etc . We should consider what takes place on the freeways of Australia or France in the getaway period. Endless queues of cars continuously stream frontward heading southwards to The country or Italy at a turtle‘s acceleration. Much more gas is burnt " speeding” like this. The nervous state of mind and health problems of holidaymakers should also be studied into consideration. The other reasons why I disagree with weighty air traffic taxation is the fact certain groups of passengers just like pensioners, students, low-income people would have to abstain from such an appropriate way of communication. For instance, abroad students make use of long-distance flights quite frequently. They are really not a well off category of people though. In respect to statistic data, 1000s of them every year come for the UK to get education coming from Malaysia, Dalam negri, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Pakistan, etc . Pupils are always brief not only involving but as well of time. They can not afford a good time-consuming journey that would previous for weeks. Therefore , flights are unavoidable necessity for these people. Are there any alternatives to decrease noises and air flow...


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