The most important teamwork and volunteering activity.

As it was prepared, the main responsibility of our helping out team was to monitor and scrutinize the city election voting. The arreters, who were fabulous ladies, white-haired citizens and in many cases patients in chair, successively came for voting, but their expression looked like severe and filled with tension. So the site ambiance was not comfortable. In order to trigger the ambiance, I developed one good idea. I immediately called up our Oriental mini music group to play music at the entrance of community. With the nice music, continuous voters are interested in vote for their own candidates. That they smiled and waved hands to us. The site atmosphere became relaxed and effective. I was a whole lot proud of my creative ideas. Afterwards the election voting went for counting stage. I decided my team in two teams. We individually counted the votes, after that we traded and counted again a similar. Finally we all came for the the same results. Whatever we did made certain the election went smoothly and no blunders happened. one unforgettable knowledge.

In the summer holiday of 2012, my mother and me went for a travel and sight seeing in Yunnan Province, China and tiawan, where is situated in Southwest of China, and famous for it is beautiful sceneriesпјЊjewels and precious stones. The neighborhood tour guide took us to see one outdated mine in morning, and afternoon lead us to look shopping in near outlets. In one shop, the salesgirl introduced a really pretty diamonds to mother at low cost. She told mum a large number of beautiful phrases, which drawn mom a lot. Finally mommy bought it. Since my papa is a geologist, I appreciated he advised that diamonds were rare and costly. I was anxious mom would be cheated by the salesgirl. We took a lot of photos with this diamond simply by mobile and sent to progenitor to identify it had been fake or not. Papillas replied this diamond was fake. And so we requested to cancel this buy and returned the diamonds to them. No matter how much beautiful words and phrases the salesgirl told, we all insisted the...


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