п»їSome professors give exams or perhaps quizzes often , perhaps once a week; in contrast, various other professors give only one comprehensive exam towards the end of the study course. In the two ways there are advantages and disadvantages.

Providing exams or perhaps quizzes often has different varieties of advantages just like: students can force to study often , and students may practice and have some ideas the right way to study because of their final exams. If professors gives the exams or quizzes often in the class then the tendency in the students is to study daily in order for them to acquire some points because of their grades that make the student to build up study hobby unknowingly. For instance , I, me personally, am students and in my personal school each of our professors offers us plenty of quizzes and exams; therefore , I was power to study and so because I wanted to obtain good levels, and luckily I was in a position to develop the right way to study by myself and to examine my school works constantly. Secondly, In the event several quizzes and examinations are given typically then the students will be able to know very well what to review to get the final tests and what to focus on since previously the students have been taking the minor tests; moreover, the professors will probably be giving precisely the same topic since the final exam is basic on the same program.

There are also cons for the having quizzes and tests such as: students will be too pressured, and students terribly lack time for all their other issues or additional work. University or college, college, high school graduation, and more shows the students lots of work including: homework, information, extra institution activities and exams; certainly, if the mentor will give trainees exams and quizzes generally then the pupils will be as well pressured because there are also other activities to be finished, and many students wants to loosen up at home to take pleasure from with there family; however , if there are many quizzes then a students can't enjoy or spend occasions with their families. If learners will only concentrate on the tests and quizzes then the students will not be capable of finish various other task...


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