RadioShack and Best Buy: Evaluating Financial Functionality using DuPont Model: Both RadioShack and Best Buy sell off consumer electronics merchandise. RadioShack focuses on three friends and family oriented consumer segments: (1) active suv families with teenage children, (2) urban ¨flash”consumers with preteen youngsters, and (3) ¨small-town values¨ families with children numerous. Through the stores, kiosks and web site, RadioShack supplies families with accessories, gadgets solutions and proprietary uniqueness products. RadioShack has over 5000 retailers in ALL OF US. The stores sell off both private-labels and countrywide brands. The shops average 2300 sq . ft. The product categories offered include mobile and wireless telephones; direct-to-home satellite tv systems; computer systems and components; general and special goal batteries; line, cable and connectivity items; digital cameras; radio-controlled cars and other toys and satellite radios. RadioShack also has 2000 sellers servicing more compact markets, 500 kiosks situated in Samś Team stores. Best Buy operates seven hundred category great stores in US including a web site. The businesses average 42000 sq . feet. The stores offer merchandise in four item groups: consumer electronics (TVs, cameras, DVD players, camcorders, MP3 FORMAT players, car stereos, residence theaters etc), home office (desktop and mobile computing, telephones and networking accessories), entertainment application (DVDs, computer game hardware, Compact disks, Computer programs etc) and appliances (microwave ovens, vacuums and other housewares). In-store companies include pc set-up, restoration and software program installations. In home service comes with installation of personal computers, appliances and home theater devices. Exhibit one particular gives the economical data to get the year 2004.

Compare the performances of Radioshack and Bestbuy using DuPont unit.




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