Everyone is going to eventually knowledge grief and loss following the death of your loved one, and these thoughts are expressed differently throughout cultures. Cultures are made up of values, traditions, principles, and practice that that influence the way you react to a death. Next these values offer people a sense of balance and security and helps those who are dying and the loved ones manage loss.

Cancer. net explains that in every single culture, traditions surround loss of life and traditions that help people grieve and mourn. Rituals offer persons ways to share their grief and provide opportunities for community members to back up the bereaved. Death creates chaos and confusion, and rituals give a sense of predictability and normalcy for the bereaved (people in a length of grief and mourning after a loss) as well as the wider community. Rituals and customs offer a set of directions that support structure the time surrounding death and prescribe people's tasks during this time. Traditions and traditions help address the following issues: •How the dying person should be looked after as he or she approaches death, including who needs to be present and what ceremonies should be performed at the moments before and after fatality •How the body should be dealt with after loss of life, including the way the body ought to be cleansed and dressed, who should handle the body, and whether the human body should be hidden or cremated •Whether sadness should be stated quietly and privately or loudly and publicly, which includes whether public crying or wailing is suitable •Whether persons of different genders or age ranges should cry differently •What ceremonies and rituals needs to be performed and who ought to participate, which includes children, community members, and friends •How long family are expected to grieve and exactly how they are anticipated to dress and behave during the mourning period •How the deceased ought to be remembered within the lifetime of the family, including ongoing rituals to celebrate or perhaps communicate with the...


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