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The real debate - the pipe-dream or perhaps nuclear?

Tag Kenny 'The Nation'

Mark Kenny's article on the fossil fuel power compared to nuclear power debate was published in the Advertiser within the 31st of October 2009. The Advertiser is South Australia's just daily tabloid newspaper, and is widely distributed around South Australia permitting a large distribution of visitors from varied cultural qualification and selection of age groups. The article has Tag Kenny's image situated following to a quotation from the summary of his article stating " It can time for a genuine debate which admits clean coal is a pipe-dream and safe nuclear is a global reality”. It also contains a cartoon of Peter Garrett being portrayed as business lead singer of Midnight Essential oil protesting against uranium mining and next to it Philip Garrett because the Environment and Arts Minister opening up a uranium my own.

Kenny starts his document by stating that " clean coal is an oxymoron” therefore immediately establishing the develop for the content: a hard striking analysis on Australia's dependence on coal. Kenny even goes further by stating the term clean coal " is used to suggest this actually is out there. It does not”. He as well uses simple language during his debate to appeal to feeling of the reader and creates a conversational develop through employing terms such as " jack up the price” and even in his opening word " Like it or not”.

Kenny acknowledges that the Global Carbon Record and Storage Institute provides admitted that clean coal is a long way off nevertheless Kenny will go as much to say that " not any commercially viable example of it is out there anywhere in the world” and strongly criticises the government to get investing, or perhaps as Kenny describes " ploughing” cash into fossil fuel energy. This kind of however seems necessary because recently the Climate Alter Minister Dime Wong mentioned " Should you glimpse the Worldwide Energy Agency's projections out to 2050, coal is still gonna be a significant part of the planet's energy profile, that's a truth. ”...

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