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This is to certify which the Project titled: Cost Research of Britannia Bread has become submitted by simply: * Atul Ratnapakhi

* Reshma Rasal

* Sheetal Rathod

2. Sneha Patil

* Vikas Rathod

2. Vineet Saraf

To fulfillment of the requirement of PGDM course 08 – 2010 and has been carried out under the guidance of Prof. Jayesh Jain with the Indian Education Society's Administration College & Research Centre.

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Prof Jayesh Jain


We hereby file that this report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award for the Post Graduate student Diploma in Management Studies to IES Administration College can be our original work but not submitted for award of any game titles or awards. While the info required for research has been sourced from several magazines, catalogs and websites, the evaluation is initial. We further more certify that we have no objection and scholarhip the privileges to the IES Management University to publish virtually any chapter/ job if it deems fit in journals/ Magazines and newspapers and many others without our permission. Place: Mumbai

Date: 2nd September, 2008.

Identity: Sneha Patil (76)

Reshma Rasal (82)

Sheetal Rathod (83)

Vikas Rathod (84)

Atul Ratnaparkhi (85)

Vineet Saraf (86)

Class: PGDM 1st year

Division: W


You are filled with great sense of pride when students are able to distinguish themselves in performs, even past the four walls in the classroom. This work can be synergistic product of our brain. We are happy to many Tran generational source and roots of wisdom that helped us to generate this task viable and in addition on the right time. The material and arrangement offers slowly advanced and has imbued individuals who has deeply and sincerely immersed in it. Our company is very pleased to Prof. Jayesh Jain for offering us the fine opportunity by making all of us move out in the four surfaces of class and taking practical look. I was indebted to IES Administration College and Research Center and University of Mumbai for this glowing chance


Sr. No| Topic| Web page No

1| An Introduction to Food and Beverage Sector| 06

2| Bakery Industry| 07

3| Introduction To Britannia Industry| 08

4| Britannia Daily Refreshing Bread| 09

5| SWOT Analysis| 10

6| Price Sheet| eleven

7| Expense Sheet Analysis| 14

8| Conclusion| 17

9| Bibliography| 18


The multi-billion food and drink industry consists several marketplaces including food handling business products including bread, cookies etc ., dairy and dairy food, beverages such as tea, coffee, juices, bottled water etc ., snack food, chocolates, etc . beverage, confectionery, processed foods and others. India's Food and Refreshment industry is usually valued at Rs. 3584 billion. India produces above 600 mil tonnes of food products every year and is one of the main producers of food on the globe. The food and beverage market registered a growth rate of 8. 5% in 2005-06. With increase in disposable cash flow of consumers, growing awareness between consumers regarding health items, rapid urbanization, and increasing popularity of convenience foods, food and beverage sector is definitely expected to grow at a top rate. This sector holds a huge probability of grow due to increase in advertisement spending, awareness campaign regarding products in urban as well as rural areas, and large level transformation. The meals and beverage industry is primarily powered by customer health styles. Presently, the foodstuff and drink industry is in a powerful phase, designated by a substantial degree of competition. As product development within the foodstuff and drink...

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* Price & Supervision Accounting – Ravi Kishore


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