The Country abounds with controversial matters and fresh ideas that bring about disputes in

every step of lifestyle. These arguments lead to more new ideas and different means of looking at

things. Persons in these disputes can be so persuasive they can change the view of

others. 1 new idea that is mentioned a lot inside our country may be the drinking age group being reduced to

eighteen years of age. This is supported by many people and the reasons that are presented for the

change are very legitimate and convincing.

There are disputes from both sides and each aspect has their genuine points because of their

argument. Many junior support the change because they truly feel when they switch eighteen years of age

they should be seen as the in every element of their lives. They observe society because hypocritical

because world wants to deal with eighteen year olds as adults relatively and not in others. This

can be unfair treatment in the sight of the youngsters but all of our laws are merely trying to safeguard our youthful


Many people that are to get the modify have many legitimate fights. One disagreement is

that our 20 year old adults are allowed to get tobacco companies cigarettes but

they may be not allowed to acquire alcohol. This really is unfair to them and they are upset with this. Another

argument exactly like this for the transform is that the eighteen year olds are also able to vote and

select who works our region but yet they can buy alcoholic beverages. This likewise leads to the simple fact that they

are also required to pay taxes to our govt but they continue to are not provided the right to acquire

alcoholic beverages. They can help to make some decisions but not others. This is very hypocritical and I may totally

see where pro alter side is coming from.

One more argument through the pro transform side is probably the most genuine of all the

arguments. This kind of argument is the fact our 20 year old adults are old enough to go over

and die in a war for our country but are not old enough to buy liquor like all others

who have fights in a war. We could put existence on the line and die for our nation but all of us cannot

engage in drinking a little alcoholic beverages? This is the biggest argument pertaining to the expert change part and the

most powerfulk also. Common sense states that if a person is of sufficient age to die for their very own country chances are they

are also old enough to engage in a little consumption of alcohol much like their colleagues are able to.

There is also a whole other side to this argument. The individuals who are against this change

also provide legitimate reasons for their area. The reason that our laws are the way they are is

because the elected officials are trying to shield our young adults from getting into huge problems

that may essentially end their your life or take the lives more around them. Each of our government and

each of our laws are strict , nor allow eighteen year olds to engage in drinking alcohol because

they can be not seen to be mature enough. They can be still dealing with a lot of mental alterations and

are not yet fully developed as twenty one year olds are.

20 year olds have generally only experienced high school life and for most it is a

pretty handled environment. The moment these aged underdeveloped adults are given alcohol

they may be impaired and are likely to generate costly faults. Since they are not fully created

in the emotional and mental areas, they are more likely to act premature and juvenile because

they have not as yet experienced that particular part of life that helps all adolescents become adults.

The years of nineteen through twenty one are crucial inside the development of people. This is when

most kids go to college and truly try to look for themselves. They are really thrown everything all by

when and it can certainly be a struggle if they happen to be not careful. Alcohol can only hurt them in their

development in to true adults. Young adults in addition need something to look forward...


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