The writing method does not end with your 1st draft. Studying means " seeing again” and that is exactly what you do when you revise—you call at your writing once again from as much different angles as possible. More specifically, revising the writing means working with that so that it says exactly what you indicate in the most effective way. Revision requires both content material (what you are trying to say) and type (how you deliver your message). Studying content consists of working with your words until they exhibit your ideas while accurately and completely as is feasible. Revising type consists of working with the organization of your writing. Studying Checklist

As you revise, you look closely in five basic elements of the paragraph, classified by the following tips: TOPIC SENTENCE

• Does the topic sentence in your essay convey the paragraph's handling idea? • Does the matter sentence seem as the first or perhaps last sentence of the paragraph?


• Will the paragraph contain specific information that support the topic sentence? • Does the paragraph include enough information to explain the topic sentence totally?


• Do all the paragraphs in the section support the topic sentence?


• Is the section organized logically?


• The actual sentences maneuver smoothly and logically in one sentence to another? Revising the subject Sentence and Supporting Information

Every section has a topic sentence that states their controlling thought. The topic sentence in your essay gives way to the rest of the paragraph. It consists of both a limited subject and a press release about that matter. Generally, the subject sentence is definitely the first sentence in a passage, but from time to time it is the last sentence, such as particular-to-general firm.

Details are the foundations that you enhance construct a paragraph. The facts in your paragraph should be as specific as is feasible, and you should give enough details to support the topic sentence in your essay. You should use tangible words inside the examples...


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