Soggy Bottom Boys vs . Impressive Hero: Impressive Themes

In O Sibling Where Fine art Thou and Homer's Odyssey the use of impressive themes did not always seite an seite one another. The personality of the characters in the movie greatly affected perhaps the Greek's upstanding views pictured in the themes, such as dedication, differed through the epic composition. In a equivalent sense, the plots motivated whether the themes, like the homecoming, were related in the movie and composition. However , film production company is by simply no means straight based upon the epic composition; you simply cannot view both without perceiving the connection between the uses of epic styles. The most plainly seen similarity between our epic hero and soggy bottom son would be their particular limitless vanity in their magnificence. The theme of beauty is apparent in Ulysses' action of continuously wearing a hairnet to foundation and his stubborn obsession with Dapper Lalu hair pomade. Throughout the Odyssey Odysseus can be perpetually getting depicted as a beautiful man, so gorgeous that his son errors him for a glorious goodness. Another related epic idea would have to end up being the long awaited homecoming. Both Odysseus and Ulysses have to confront many road blocks and bloodthirsty characters till they are finally reunited using their loved ones in their homeland. Following returning residence, Penelope would still be loyal sweetness of commitment was still expecting Odysseus actually after two decades, though the same cannot be stated for poor Ulysses. The most prominent big difference in legendary themes would have to be the loyalty among characters. None Penelope neither her boy take the convenient way out and bend towards the will with the suitors yet instead always believe the Odysseus is in fact alive and may return to Ithica. Penny on the other hand divorces Ulysses, tells the kids he's deceased, and programs to marry another gentleman after just a short time ( Of course your woman changes her mind when ever she sees that he is section of the famous Soggy Bottom Boys). Another motif that just does not meet both would need to be the fate of...


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