Closed Gates

Right after Ann and her family enter into the Secret Annex the people who where concealing then brought some more of there products over. Ann was handed a field that got all her pictures of movie stars and a milk as a gift. After she had thanked her father, she ran to the door of the Top secret Annex concealed on the other side with a book case. When your woman was nearly to the door her daddy grabbed her by the adjustable rate mortgage and explained, " Ann no matter what you should never go through that door" When she asked why her father responded, " We all cannot risk being seen, no matter what happens. "

The door to the Top secret Annex was not the only door that was closed to Ann that day. The lady wasn't in a position to see her friends. The lady could not head to school and get a formal education; yet , Mrs. Truck Daan do teach her, her sis, and Philip. The door of her liberty and privacy was also closed as well. When your woman moved to the Secret Annex with several other people besides herself the girl no longer had any privacy. The moment she joined the Secret Annex everything altered for Ann. She was secluded from the outside world. She didn't be able to do all the things that typical teenagers do. She was left out of her teenage life.

Even though we all possess closed doors in our life, there exists a saying that will go when lifestyle closes one particular door that opens an additional. Even though Ann thought she had nothing good still left in her life your woman really did. In the Top secret Annex Ann got to get to know Peter very well, and the lady formed a relationship with him. Her dairy also showed people what it was like to live in the Secret Annex. Thus maybe we need to take a look at our lives and realize do not have it everything that bad. Maybe there are good stuff happening all around us that we usually do not even recognize. Maybe we have more opportunities than we understand.

It can be like once my horse Cody travelled lame and I couldn't drive anymore; nevertheless , we got to get my personal new horse Zippy. When Cody received hurt I was like the end of the world for me personally, but then we have to receive Zippy whom I love...


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