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Explication Essay

A great Explication of Cisneros's " Woman Hollering Creek”

In Sandra Cisneros's short history " Women's Hollering Creek, ” the primary character can be described as young Mexican girl; who will be experiencing, the first time, what she believes to get love. On the other hand after marriage and going out of her " town of dust and despair, ” (Cisneros 1592) she quickly realizes that she took her home for granted. Cisneros includes multiple spots in her story to show Cleofilas's transfer coming from a sheltered princess to finally having her eyes opened to reality. At the start of the story, Cisneros tells us that Cleofilas, the main persona, longs intended for " love in its finest crystalline fact. The kind the books and songs and telenovelas explain when a single finds, finally, the great like of one's life, and does what ever one can, need to do, at what ever cost, ” (Cisneros 1588). Cleofilas starts her voyage of a newlywed life filled with hope and love, and because of this she is constantly producing excuses on her husband's activities. The first time the girl does this takes place even before the marriage. On page 1589, Cleofilas talks about her bridal dress plans and exactly how she wants to travel all the way to a city in southwestern Arizona to find the best wedding dress. However , when her soon-to-be-husband declares that he doesn't require a long engagement, she settles for sewing her own wedding dress. Within the same passage, we master that Cleofilas isn't quite sure wherever her soon-to-be-husband works. The lady states, " he contains a very important position in Seguin with, …a beer company, I think”. The reader can easily assume using this statement that Cleofilas and her soon-to-be-husband have not taken the time to completely get to know each other before the girl decides that he must always be her one great love. Coming from what I can tell, Cleofilas were raised in a fantasyland of romantic endeavors novels and soap plays, the ones where you find the one real love, move away from home, start a family members, and live happily ever...

Cited: Cisneros, Sandra. " Woman Hollering Creek. ” The Norton Anthology: American Literature Eighth Edition. Education. Julia Reidhead. 1588-1595. Print out.


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