Cady and Brutus

Brutus and Cady emerge as the utmost complex character types in Julius Caesar and Mean Girls respectively. They are really each reports tragic characters. In each of their soliloquies, the audience benefits insight into the complexities of their motives. Brutus is a powerful public figure, yet he appears also as a husband, a master to his maids, a dignified military head, and a loving friend. Cady begins as virtually nothing, nevertheless eventually becomes a direct parallel in terms of Brutus's power. The conflicting value systems that battle with one another in the play as a whole happen to be enacted about incredibly little level in Brutus's mind. Even after Brutus offers committed the assassination with the other users of the conspiracy, questions remain as to whether, because of his friendship with Caesar, the murder was obviously a noble, decidedly selfless take action or proof of a truly wicked callousness, a gross indifference to the jewelry of camaraderie and a failure to be relocated by the benefits of a truly great man.

Brutus's rigid idealism is both his best virtue fantastic most deadly drawback. In the world of the play, wherever self-serving desire seems to control all other motives, Brutus is as good as Antony's elegiac description of him since " the noblest of Romans. ” However , his commitment to principle consistently leads him to make mistakes that price him much: wanting to curtail violence, this individual ignores Cassius's suggestion the fact that conspirators eliminate Antony and also Caesar. In another moment of rampant idealism, he again ignores Cassius's advice and allows Antony to speak a funeral oration over Caesar's body. As a result, Brutus forfeits the authority of having the last word on the tough and thus allows Antony to incite the shocked Both roman crowd to riot against Brutus and the other conspirators. This is just like when Regina George incites the entire school into chaos using the " burn publication. ” Brutus later endangers his good relationship with Cassius by self-righteously condemning what this individual sees since...


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