My many other Romans, it can be I, Marcus Junius Brutus. And I am here jogging for the position of head of The italian capital. I in contrast to my predecessor will not be a king, or perhaps emperor, I will simply secret as one of you, the common persons of this superb city. Although why do you really ask, if you decide to vote for myself? Because I actually am non selfish. I do not really act out of envy, rivalry, or electric power. I simply want what is best for Aventure and the people of Ancient rome. While others just like Mark Antony, will simply stick to in the footsteps of Caesar, is to do we really require another Caesar? Do we require another tyrant to simply squash us all into submission? I say we need an innovator, someone who is going to take charge and change our fine city for the better, and I will do whatever it takes for making this town better, during the past I murdered one of my personal best friends nowadays for the betterment of Rome. I am unable to stand tyrants and I threaten not to become one. But Antony can become a tyrant I dread, for having been Caesar's puppet. Antony can be nothing but a twister of words, Antony talks well but he doesn't understand how to really regulation, Antony will only make the mistakes of his predecessors letting the throne tainted him in something awful. Antony is aware nothing of what it takes to acquire such an excellent city. But why should My spouse and i be leader? Well while Caesar was on a marketing campaign he place me responsible for a city. This kind of city was un-happy with Caesar for carrying over, although I confident them our leader Caesar, was good and that they ought to be thanking him, while Caesar toured the cities all the others were angry with him to look at over, however in my metropolis we held celebrations. Julius Caesar was very amazed, and completely happy at this. One more example of my credibility is that I was a respect general. I've had the honor of preventing many battles, including against Julius Caesar himself. My spouse and i lost against Caesar that battle educating me a significant lesson during my strategies and ethics. Thus not only can i be a fair and just innovator, but I am able to safeguard the great city of Rome. This is a...


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