Summative Assessment – I, 2011 English Expansive Class -- IX


Maximum Represents: 90 Guidelines: The question paper is divided into four sections. Section A: Reading Section B: Writing Section C: Grammar Section D: Books

Time: several hours

20 marks 25 marks twenty marks 25 marks

Section A (Reading – 20 Marks)

Q1. Read the next passage properly: Although everybody has a creative ignite, the potential is usually not always completely utilized. How exactly does one acknowledge those who are developing their innovative energies towards the fullest? Upset painters and tormented poets are only amusing stereotypes in the creative individuality. The essential traits of imagination are found among a wide variety of significantly less conspicuous makers, people in all walks of life. Sadly, the composition of our cultural and educational environment does not always promote it is growth. Generally speaking, creative people often imagine their goal in life is to discover and implement. In addition they see challenges where other folks see none and question the validity of even the most widely accepted answers. Imaginative persons are compulsive problem seekers, not really because that they thrive on problems, nevertheless because their particular senses will be attuned to a world that demands to become put together, just like a jigsaw challenge scattered on the table. Several tests right now in use reveal that extremely creative individuals are much more open up and receptive to complexities of encounter than less creative persons. The innovative temperament has a tendency to break complications down into all their basic elements and then rebuild them in whole new concerns, thereby learning about new human relationships and fresh solutions. Extremely creative persons aren‘t scared to ask what may seem to be naive or perhaps silly concerns. They inquire abuout like, ―why don‘t bots get complicated up in their own webs? ‖ and so why do canines turn in sectors before prone? ‖ Such questions might seem childlike, and a way they may be. Children have never yet acquired their innate creative powers channeled in to culturally appropriate directions and will give full rein to their curiosity –the absolute prerequisite for complete creative working, in both children and adults. In contrast to children, imaginative people appear to have great stores of patience to draw Webpage 1 of 11 (10 marks)

upon. Months, years, even many years can be devoted to a single problem. The home that encourages inquisitiveness contributes to imaginative development. The teacher whom stresses concerns rather than answers and benefits curiosity rather than restricting it is teaching children to be imaginative. I Solution the following queries briefly: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) II The framework of our social and educational environment does not usually promote growth of __________. Imaginative people often __________. The most essential requirement for full creative working is __________. Creativity may be promoted between children at your home by__________. Creative people can easily ask questions that seem childlike as__________. The teacher who have stresses about questions rather than answers and rewards creativity can be said to be __________.

Fill in the blanks with ONE PARTICULAR word only in every blank:

The idea the author is intending to make this is that though creative persons can be a big (a)__________ to get the culture, their imaginative potential and inner (b)__________should not always be (c)__________. Society must (d)__________their growth and development in order that they do not wrap up becoming a section of the herd. 3 Find words and phrases in the verse that mean the following: (a) (b) Q2. `put into practice‘ to categorise (5 marks)

See the following verse carefully: Pigeons have been educated to recognize man facial expressions, upsetting long— held philosophy that only humans had progressed the sophisticated worried system to do such a feat. In recent experiments on the University of Iowa, 8-10 trained pigeons were displayed photographs of people displaying feelings of joy, anger, shock, and outrage. The chickens learned to tell apart between...


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